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The CDA Home Group

Tradition Five: Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the chemically dependent who still suffers.

CDA believes the ultimate responsibility and final authority for CDA as a whole resides with the individual CDA group – rather than with GSO or any other service level

within CDA.

The following suggestions are designed to serve as a guide for a CDA Group.

The CDA Home Group

Many CDA members through the years have found it important to belong to one group, which they call their ‘Home Group’. This is the group where they accept responsibilities in the various service positions and where they try and establish relationships with other CDA members.

It also serves as the springboard to other service positions outside of the Home Group by serving as an Intergroup or General Service Representative and help serve CDA at the local and national levels.

Suggested Format of Meetings

We suggest that you make one CDA group your Home Group. A Home group is where you try and attend on a regular basis, serve in one of the service positions and learn about how to spread the CDA message of Love and Service to those still suffering from Chemical Dependence.

  1. Start on Time.

  2. Welcome to __________________ meeting of CDA

  3. Serenity Prayer

  4. Read Fellowship

  5. Read the Program – Steps

  6. Read Traditions or Tradition of the Month

  7. Read Intergroup Bulletin

  8. Pass the Basket – 7th Tradition

  9. Announcements

  10. Ask if there are any Newcomers or Guests

  11. Home Group Announcement:

  12. Introduce Speaker

  13. Close with The Lord’s Prayer

CDA Group Trusted Servants

The following are the home group service positions and a brief description of each:


  • Obtains speakers for each meeting.

  • Opens each meeting following format guideline above.

  • Maintains group records and home group lists.

  • Collects anniversaries and makes arrangements for celebrations.


  • Collects and maintains records of money gathered at each meeting.

  • Pays for rent, literature and refreshments.

  • Sends money to local CDA Intergroups and CDA GSO.

Coffee Maker:

  • Keeps appropriate inventory of refreshments and supplies.

  • Sets up coffee and refreshments before each meeting and cleans up afterwards.

  • Provides special refreshments for CDA anniversaries.

Intergroup Representative:

  • Participates in Intergroup meetings with other IR’s at the local Intergroup meeting.

  • Keeps the group informed about what the local Intergroup is doing.

  • Buys literature (fills out appropriate forms) and provides donation from group to Intergroup.

GSR - General Service Representative:

  • Is the group’s link to the CDA General Service Office.

  • Participate in quarterly GSO meetings.

  • Keeps the group informed about what the CDA GSO is doing.

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