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CDA Membership

Requirement for CDA Membership

Tradition Three: The only requirement for CDA membership is a desire to abstain from all mood-changing and mind-altering chemicals; including all street type drugs, alcohol and unnecessary medication.

Am I Chemically Dependent?

Answer the following questions to yourself.

  1. Has chemical usage caused you financial difficulties?

  2. Have you lost time from work due to the use of chemicals?

  3. Do you use chemicals to build up your self- confidence?

  4. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory while under the
    influence of chemicals?

  5. Do you crave chemicals?

  6. Has chemical usage caused unhappiness in your home life?

  7. Have you ever been treated by a physician for chemical use?

  8. Do you ever feel remorseful after using?

  9. Do chemicals make you careless of your family's welfare?

  10. Has chemical usage affected your reputation?

  11. Do you associate with lower companions and an inferior environment
    when you are using?

  12. Do you get high to escape from your worries or troubles?

  13. Has using put your job, schooling or business in jeopardy?

  14. Do you use chemicals daily?

  15. Do you need to get loaded to have a good time?

  16. Do you use chemicals when you are alone?

  17. Have you ever been in an institution or a hospital due to the
    use of chemicals?

  18. Are you ashamed of your behavior after using?

  19. Does chemical usage decrease your ambition?

  20. Do you feel bad when you are not using chemicals?

If you answered, "yes" to three or more of these questions, this
indicates that you have a problem with chemicals.

Only you can make that statement about yourself

What Do CDA Group Members Do?

“…Carry the message to the chemically dependent that still suffers.” In short, when newcomers walk into our meeting rooms, we want CDA to be there for them as it was for us – something we could do continuously only if we function as a group.

For a group to keep going, all kinds of jobs must be done. It is through the combined efforts and ongoing commitment of group members that perform the following functions:

  • A meeting place is provided and maintained.

  • A group conscience to establish: name of group, service position members, date, time and type of meeting.

  • Contributions are collected, and properly allocated and spent.

  • CDA approved literature available.

  • CDA meeting lists are available.

  • Refreshments are made and available before meeting starts.

  • Inform people and institutions in the area that the meeting exists.

  • Group problems are aired and resolved through group conscience.

  • Continuing contact with the rest of CDA – locally, through the Intergroup rep and the CDA GSO committee.

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