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How To Start A New CDA Meeting

Have 3-4 committed members of the group who will hold the responsible positions. It is essential that these people show up on a regular basis in order for the meeting to take hold. See job descriptions in the CDA Starter Kit.


Identify a convenient meeting place. Get commitment from the facility for holding a weekly 12-step CDA meeting. You will need access to a key to open and close the meeting. The room will need to be available 30 minutes before and after the meeting time. BE sure to ask how much rent will be.

First Meeting:
Have a group conscience (agreement) to determine the name of the group, time, type (open discussion, step, closed, etc.). Read and discuss traditions. See where and when for examples. Assign the following jobs: Secretary, coffee maker, treasurer, and service rep. See job descriptions in the CDA Starter Kit.

Publish a flyer to announce your new meeting. Please follow the guidelines for the flyer from the CDA Starter Kit example. Print key information: Name of facility, name of the meeting, address, time and type of meeting. Distribute to institutions, rehabs, and the local paper.

Please follow instructions for completing the New CDA Meeting Form. We will use information from the completed form to post your meeting on the CDA website.

CDA Starter Kit

CDA Guidelines

Good Luck! 

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